I'm a reader in the Computer Science Department of University College London

I'm interested in the interplay of computer science, mathematics, and physics for
studying the role of quantum mechanics in information processing and computation. 

My research is part of a bigger effort on quantum information science at UCL

Research Interests:

- Quantum information theory and entanglement theory
- Quantum hamiltonian complexity and quantum many-body physics
- Quantum complexity theory and quantum algorithms
- Connections of quantum computation and information to  computational complexity,    
   optimization, resource theories, and thermodynamics

Selected Publications:

Quantum Gibbs Samplers: The Commuting Case 
Quantum CMI, Reconstructed States, and State Redistribution
Robust Device-Independent Randomness Amplification with Few Devices 
Product-State Approximations to Quantum Groundstates
The Second Laws of Quantum Thermodynamics
Quantum de Finetti Theorems under Local Measurements with Applications
Exponential Decay of Correlations Implies Area Law
Hypercontractivity, Sum-of-Squares Proofs, and their Applications
Local Random Circuits are Approximate Polynomial-Designs 
The Resource Theory of Quantum States Out of Thermal Equilibrium
A Quasipolynomial-time Algorithm for the Quantum Separability Problem
Faithful Squashed Entanglement
The Quantum One-Time Pad in the Presence of an Eavesdropper
A Generalization of Quantum Stein's Lemma
Entanglement Theory and the Second Law of Thermodynamics
Strongly Interacting Polaritons in Coupled Arrays of Cavities


Last Update: January 2015