Fernando G.S.L. Brandão
Bren Professor of Theoretical Physics
California Institute of Technology
E-mail: fbrandao@caltech.edu

About me: I am a professor of theoretical physics at Caltech division of Physics, Mathematics and Astronomy and a member of the Institute for Quantum Information and Matter

Previously I was a researcher at Microsoft (2015-2016) and a reader in computer science at University College London (2013-2016). Before that I was a senior researcher at ETH (2012), after being an assistant professor of physics at UFMG (2011-2012). I hold a PhD from Imperial College London  (2008), and was a postdoctoral fellow at Imperial College London (2008-2010) and UFMG (2010-2011). 

Research:  My research is on quantum information science. I explore
the interplay of physics, computer science and math to study the role of
quantum mechanics in computation and information processing.

I've been particularly interested in the following topics:

- Quantum information theory and entanglement theory
- Quantum hamiltonian complexity and quantum many-body physics
- Quantum complexity theory and quantum algorithms
- Connections of quantum computation and information to
   computational complexity, statistical mechanics, thermodynamics,
   optimization, Markov chains and resource theories

Selected Publications:

Quantum Algorithms for Semidefinite Programming
A Generalization of Hammersley-Clifford for Q. Approximate Markov Chains
Locality of Entanglement Spectrum from Topological Entanglement Entropy
Estimating Operator Norms with Covering Nets
Equivalence of Statistical Mechanical Ensembles for Quantum Systems
Quantum Gibbs Samplers: The Commuting Case 
Quantum CMI, Reconstructed States, and State Redistribution
Robust Device-Independent Randomness Amplification with Few Devices
Product-State Approximations to Quantum Groundstates
The Second Laws of Quantum Thermodynamics
Quantum de Finetti Theorems under Local Measurements with Applications
Exponential Decay of Correlations Implies Area Law
Hypercontractivity, Sum-of-Squares Proofs, and their Applications
Local Random Circuits are Approximate Polynomial-Designs 
The Resource Theory of Quantum States Out of Thermal Equilibrium
A Quasipolynomial-time Algorithm for the Quantum Separability Problem
Faithful Squashed Entanglement
The Quantum One-Time Pad in the Presence of an Eavesdropper
A Generalization of Quantum Stein's Lemma
Entanglement Theory and the Second Law of Thermodynamics
Strongly Interacting Polaritons in Coupled Arrays of Cavities


Last Update: April 2016